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On a trip to Europe we indulged in handcrafted chocolate bark pieces beautifully displayed in jars at a small artisanal chocolate shop. The smaller pieces were delicious, but the portion was still too filling leaving us to wonder, “What if this was thin, snackable and available all year round?” We instantly knew that this idea was the start of something great, and so we set out on a mission to craft a snack packed with natural ingredients and fair trade chocolate that would satisfy the serious chocolate lover. The result? Perfectly portioned, thin slivers of fair trade chocolate crammed full of natural snack ingredients like almonds, peanuts, pretzels, and peppermint. Upon sharing our thin bark with family and friends we quickly realized these easy to eat pieces were a hit! And so, with the encouragement and support of friends and industry professionals alike, we launched our introductory brand – barkTHINS® snacking chocolate – to retailers in 2012, under the ripple brand collective. A serious twist on snacking was born.

Meet our team

Deborah Holt


Name: Deborah Holt

Position: Chief Marketing Officer

What snack do you crave most? I’m crazy for cheese, it’s definitely my weakness. But, the Dark Chocolate peppermint barkTHINS? Close 2nd!

What is your favorite song? Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

What inspires you? Laughter and silliness inspires me.

JP Mackey

VP of Sales

Name: JP Mackey

Position: VP of Sales

What snack do you crave most? Chips and Salsa

What is your favorite song? My son asks me this all the time, and I can’t answer it.

What inspires you? Sammy, Collin, Kate, and what I haven’t seen yet.

Jessica Lungariello

Regional Sales Manager

Name: Jessica Lungariello

Position: Regional Sales Manager

What snack do you crave most? Cheese and grapes!

What is your favorite song? Foo Fighters “Everlong”

What inspires you? Authenticity inspires me.

Melissa O’Connor

Sales Director

Name: Melissa O’Connor

Position: Sales Director

What snack do you crave most? Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed barkTHINS (I like them cold!)

What is your favorite song? Anything I can tune out to. Pandora for relaxing. BPM on XM radio to run.

What inspires you? So many things! My daughter inspires me to be a better person, running inspires me to get physically fit, and natural and organic foods inspire me to be the healthiest version of myself that I can be.

Stephanie Morano

Innovation & Insights

Name:Stephanie Morano

Position: Innovation & Insights

What snack do you crave most? Cheese and chocolate. I love the salty sweet combination of barkTHINS dark chocolate pretzel. It is my go to snack!

What is your favorite song? I enjoy all types of music ranging from Rock, R&B and Country so it is hard to pick just one. I’m loving retro Prince right now.

What inspires you? I love the smile on a kids face when they eat chocolate.

Nicole Barretta

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Name: Nicole Barretta

Position: Sales & Marketing Coordinator

What snack do you crave most? Chocolate! I love anything chocolate…but if I had to choose what flavor of barkTHINS, it would be the Dark Chocolate Almond.

What is your favorite song? “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

What inspires you? Different cultures inspire me.