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DIY: Means Do It Yourself!

Posted on: August 7th, 2013 by Nicole / No Comments

Here at ripple brands, we are all about putting a twist on things or adding your personal touch to something to make it unique and different. With the poor economy, more people are trying to save money anyway they can. That is why I have dedicated this week’s blog to all things you can do yourself! All you need is creativity, patience and a few tools…

1. Have an old, rusty looking set of drawers? Turn it into a desk by adding hinges on the middle drawer. Just add a fresh paint of coat to spruce it up!

Drawer Desk


2. ATTENTION ALL WOMEN: If you are like me, you probably have tons of jewelry thrown in bags or in your jewelry box. I can never get to anything because I am so unorganized. For this DIY, go out to your nearest hardware store and purchase some chicken wire fence along with four small pieces of wood. Next, take the wood and put them together to form a rectangle with a hammer and nails. Add the chicken wire fence to the back of it by using a staple gun. Don’t forget to paint the wood!

Jewelry Hanger

3. This DIY is one of my favorites! Create something for your children with these five simple ingredients:

-¾ cup of water
-1 cup glue
-liquid food coloring
-½ cup of hot water
-1 teaspoon of borax (you can find this in the laundry aisle in the grocery store)

-Mix the cold water, glue and food coloring in a bowl
-In another bowl, mix the hot water and borax together until the borax is dissolved
-Combine the two bowls together and mix well


4. Add some light and decoration to your hallway by adding these wire lights. All you need to do is nail the wire to your ceiling. In minutes you can turn your hallway from a dark and dreary place in your house to a magical space filled with light.

Wire Lights

5. Coffee lovers: here is a chance to beautifully display your coffee cups! Take any size wood you may have and just add hooks. Now, you are ready to show off your coffee mugs in the kitchen.

Coffee Hanger Board

For more DIY ideas, check out our Pinterest page!


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