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Genetically Modified Organisms? The Truth behind GMOs

Posted on: April 19th, 2013 by Nicole / No Comments

A few weeks ago I was at my local grocery store browsing through the cracker aisle, and I noticed the words non GMO Project in white bold letters on some of the items. About a week after that shopping trip, I saw that one of my friends posted a photo of her granola bar with the hash tag #nongmo on instagram. Not too long after, I was making a sandwich for lunch and when I took the bread out of the package, I noticed that my mother had bought bread with the non GMO seal. I wasn’t sure what non GMO stood for, but I knew one thing: non GMO was starting to pop up everywhere and it was getting my attention.

When I went on the non GMO website, I was shocked at what I read. GMO stands for “genetically modified organisms.” This is achieved when plants and animals are created through gene splicing techniques, otherwise known as genetic engineering. Basically, scientists combine DNA from different types of species, which is a very unnatural process and cannot happen in nature.

The frightening part of all of this is that over 80% of our foods that we eat contain GMOs. This means that GMO’s are present in our breakfast, lunch and dinner. The most common GMOs are ingredients like soy, cotton, canola and corn. Although you may not eat these products directly, chances are that the food you eat on a daily basis contains either one or more of these ingredients.

The non GMO Project is a nonprofit organization that was formed to educate the consumers, preserve the non-GMO food supply, and to offer the public non-GMO foods. This group continues to be the only organization that has an extensive verification process for GMO free foods and requires ongoing testing of all ingredients being grown in GMO form. So when you see the non-GMO Project seal, you are guaranteed that there are no GMOs in that product.

Look for the non-GMO Project seal on your products

At ripple brand collective™ we noticed that more consumers are demanding GMO free products, so we took action. We are proud to announce that every flavor of our barkTHINS™ are GMO free and we are on our way to obtain the non-GMO Project seal. So you don’t have to worry about ingesting genetically modified organisms!

Look for the non-GMO seal in your local grocery store!

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