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The meaning behind “snacking chocolate”

Posted on: April 12th, 2013 by Nicole / No Comments

Snacking chocolate. When I first heard of these two words together, I thought it was an odd concept. I have always associated the word “snack” with crackers, nuts, fruit and even leftovers from dinner the night before. Never would I go in my snack cabinet and reach for chocolate as my late afternoon snack, but here at ripple brand collective™ we are asking you “why not?”

If you are a serious chocolate lover like I am, you are always craving chocolate; especially during that 2 pm hour right after you have had lunch. I constantly want something sweet, but I am always hesitating to grab a chocolate bar because it is unhealthy, too rich and not very easy to eat. Which is why we came up with barkTHINS™ snacking chocolate!

barkTHINS™ is the perfect snack for all of you chocolate lovers out there who are dying to have something sweet but do not want your “typical” snack choice of crackers, fruit or nuts. We are encouraging all of our customers to embrace this new way of snacking! barkTHINS™ are so thin and that it is easy to break off a piece when you want that 2 pm sugar rush. Our product comes in a bag, so right after you take a piece…..or three, you can seal it up and save it for later. Plus barkTHINS™ is made with all natural ingredients, so you are not consuming all that junk such as preservatives, and artificial colors or flavors.

So put down that bag of popcorn and go for what you really want…Join us as we break the status quo of snacking and grab a bag of barkTHINS™. Tell us why and where you snack on our chocolate!

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