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April 26, 2013: National Pretzel Day!

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Today we celebrate America’s favorite snack food; today we celebrate pretzels of all sizes: thin, thick, crispy, soft, twist or straight. Today is National Pretzel Day!

Everyone across the United States is familiar with the salty snack that satisfies hunger on a daily basis. Known as one of the oldest snacks in history, more than $550 million worth of pretzels are sold in the US on an annual basis. The average person consumes more than two pounds of pretzels per year! You can find pretzels almost everywhere. From the streets of NYC, to the shelves of your local grocery store, it is safe to say that pretzels still remain one of the most popular snacks of all time.


Genetically Modified Organisms? The Truth behind GMOs

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A few weeks ago I was at my local grocery store browsing through the cracker aisle, and I noticed the words non GMO Project in white bold letters on some of the items. About a week after that shopping trip, I saw that one of my friends posted a photo of her granola bar with the hash tag #nongmo on instagram. Not too long after, I was making a sandwich for lunch and when I took the bread out of the package, I noticed that my mother had bought bread with the non GMO seal. I wasn’t sure what non GMO stood for, but I knew one thing: non GMO was starting to pop up everywhere and it was getting my attention.

When I went on the non GMO website, I was shocked at what I read. GMO stands for “genetically modified organisms.” This is achieved when plants and animals are created through gene splicing techniques, otherwise known as genetic engineering. Basically, scientists combine DNA from different types of species, which is a very unnatural process and cannot happen in nature.


The meaning behind “snacking chocolate”

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Snacking chocolate. When I first heard of these two words together, I thought it was an odd concept. I have always associated the word “snack” with crackers, nuts, fruit and even leftovers from dinner the night before. Never would I go in my snack cabinet and reach for chocolate as my late afternoon snack, but here at ripple brand collective™ we are asking you “why not?”

If you are a serious chocolate lover like I am, you are always craving chocolate; especially during that 2 pm hour right after you have had lunch. I constantly want something sweet, but I am always hesitating to grab a chocolate bar because it is unhealthy, too rich and not very easy to eat. Which is why we came up with barkTHINS™ snacking chocolate!

barkTHINS™ is the perfect snack for all of you chocolate lovers out there who are dying to have something sweet but do not want your “typical” snack choice of crackers, fruit or nuts. We are encouraging all of our customers to embrace this new way of snacking! barkTHINS™ are so thin and that it is easy to break off a piece when you want that 2 pm sugar rush. Our product comes in a bag, so right after you take a piece…..or three, you can seal it up and save it for later. Plus barkTHINS™ is made with all natural ingredients, so you are not consuming all that junk such as preservatives, and artificial colors or flavors.


barkTHINS™ Photo Shoot

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When I think of a photo shoot I immediately think of famous celebrities or gorgeous models. I imagine them striking a pose in front of a photographer with a fan blowing their hair. I think glamorous, sexy, high-end and fame.

So when I was told that we were going to have a photo shoot for barkTHINS™, I thought to myself, “How is this going to work? It certainly won’t be sexy! How can you make food look fabulous?”

My doubts were put to rest as soon as I was introduced to the world of food photography.


Fair Trade USA

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Have you ever wondered where the chocolate in your candy bar comes from? Or where the coffee beans used to make your morning coffee are from? I always just bought all of my groceries from the local supermarket and never considered the origin of the raw ingredients until about a month ago.

At ripple brand collective™, we believe that our products should be socially and environmentally sustainable. We feel that each purchase of our barkTHINS™ products should count, which is why we chose to partner up with Fair Trade USA.


barkTHINS™ Galore!

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Get ready America, barkTHINS™ is taking over!..or so it seems like it.

We have been busy packing barkTHINS™ sample boxes and sending them off to potential retailers all across the country. Each box contains our Dark Chocolate Peppermint, Dark Chocolate Pretzel, Dark Chocolate Almond and Milk Chocolate Peanut flavors. I am not going to lie, I have snagged a few barkTHINS™ pieces for myself while packing the boxes!

We also have exciting news! Sprouts Farmers Markets has accepted our product and you can officially purchase barkTHINS™ starting this summer. Sprouts Farmers Markets are located in the western states of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas. Check their website to find a location near you.